Thursday, March 6, 2014

To State the Obvious...

I'm not a very good blogger.  Hahaha.  Let's just say that I tried but blogging isn't quite right for me.  I still read a few blogs, even comment every once in awhile but keeping up my own blog hasn't worked out.  I think part of it is that I over think even a small post and sharing my family life doesn't come naturally to me.  Besides how many times can I try to put into words how cute my pets are and how much I love my husband's cooking?  My life isn't that exciting on a daily basis, isn't that why most writers and readers escape to their books?

I wasn't too worried about how my busy life has made it hard to keep up with my blog and website until I noticed a reviewer that said she enjoyed my books but was disappointed to see that I was no longer writing.  Ekk!

I think I'm better at keeping up with one liners, which is why if you'd like to get to know me and keep up on my latest projects you can find me on facebook here.  I won't be updating this blog anymore but I would like to thank everyone who kept up with me, even when I wasn't here to see it.  Thanks!