Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Like They Used to...Michael Fassbender

Like They Used to...is going to start jumping into some modern actors and actresses that you should keep an eye on.  Like today's!

The Irish-German that I've fallen in love with is...yup, Michael Fassbender.  Sexy and very intense.  He is a fantastic actor who can play villians, spys, and brooding romantics with ease.  One of the things I love (and hate) about him is that the genres that he takes up in film jump all over the place.  Having a Michael Fassbender-athon would be a mindbending and emotional upheval.

Want a stark view of the Irish hunger strikes...watch Hunger.  Want to see lots Nazis get killed in increasingly horrific ways, Inglorius Basturds.  Scifi fans can watch X-Men.  Romantics can swoon at Jane Eyre.  Want to see him with long hair and wearing nearly nothing at all (hehehe of course you do!) then re-watch the film 300.  There was even a small production family friendly movie about the original "Winnie Bear" that inspired the Winnie the Pooh stories.
As a German Nazi
 One of his most recent films, A Dangerous Method, is "A look at how the intense relationship between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud gives birth to psychoanalysis."  I've never had much interest in Freud but now...yup I'll be watching that one.  The next one that I'm really excited for is called Shame, don't be looking for an upbeat movie with a title like that.

It isn't just his looks that makes him someone to watch.  Sometimes he can be downright frightening!  It is the presence that he brings to the characters he portrays.  His severity often comes off as sincere but intense.  So I guess the best thing about becoming a Michael Fassbender fan is that you will try a bit of everything, not all of the movies have been great (Jonah Hex), but he is worth watching.  If you haven't seen him in a movie yet, keep an eye out.  I'd bet that he is about to jump into your favorite genre very soon!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Candle of the Week-Buttered Rum

Smell it!
The first time that I burned this candle I swear that I could taste it too.  I love lifesavers buttered rum candies and burning this candle is like poping one in your mouth for hours and without the added calories.  I honestly use this candle to suppress some of my sweet tooth urges, it is that good!  Rich, velvety, sweet, bold, good lord there is no way to really describe it so just go get a thing of the lifesavers if you need to know more.  I love it for this late fall and early winter period because this season is filled with deserts and this is my cheat for getting around the extra calories.
Get it!
WoodWick gets rid of their seasonal scents every year.  Luckily they often repeat scents from year to year.  Unfortunatly this has not been one of them.  As of right now it isn't avalible through their site but sometimes you can run across one in stores or through other online candle vendors.  Just don't expect a good deal  And don't loose hope, there is always next year for Woodwick to bring it back!
Woodwick Tip
If you read my blog regularly then you already know why I love these candles.  Instead I have a little tip for making them last and last.  When you burn any jar candle you should let it burn for long enough that it melts the entire top layer of wax, or close to it.  This is especially import for wood wicks because they have such a soft wax and won't build up that stiff rim.  Instead they will melt the edges and flood your wick until it goes out.  If this has happened you can scoop out the excess wax with a spoon untill you have the right level all the way around and light it again.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


WireWillow is now on facebook!  'Like' WireWillow by December 1st and you will be entered into a drawing for a free handmade pearl necklace!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Painting Splatters

A few before pictures might be nice
I've been working my butt off with this Etsy sale, even taking my two days off to make jewelry so that I wouldn't run out of pearl items to be posted (I underestimated how many of them my mom would buy...). 

It was when I got off work yesterday and went into my craft room to write that I realized, I could not write in that room.  Since we moved in it has become a bit of a junk center.  Don't want something cluttering up another room?  Shove it under the bed.  Don't want to sort through some papers, well I've got this closet of death that fits stuff like that quite nicely.  And the worst part...they had painted it pink.  Almost every wall in our recently purchased used mobile home was splashed with a very pale shade of off pink.  I think that it has finally driven me batty.
This picture was taken when it was mostly 'clean'.

So when my husband woke up an hour and a half later he found a huge pile of junk in the living room and me in my craft room with ratty clothes on and white primer streaked in my hair, on my arms, and even on my back.  (Hey it is hard to paint in those tiny closets!)  Luckily my husband is awesome and he even helped out by spray painting a lamp for the room and slapping on a bit of the paint color while I was asleep.  Although it is a tiny room, painting every one of those nooks and crannies is going to take forever!  So don't be looking for finished project pictures yet but I'm hoping that within the next week I'll be able to show you what a couple of cans of paint and some spray finish can really do!

And that book of mine?  I've still been trying to work on NaNoWriMo but it hasn't nudged too far past the 5,500 mark. Right now I'm not too worried about making that mark.  Like I said, I couldn't concentrate to write in that room.  After the remodel I'll go back to pounding it out and getting it ready.  That might mean that the book isn't done until sometime in December but I'm not going to freak out.  At least not like I did on my craft room!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

November Crazyness

Tired but happy-I think Droopy portrays this well.
Yup, it has been even worse than I thought!  The first couple of days of my WireWillow Grand Opening sale I did quite a bit of business and so I've been running around getting things boxed up and shipped out.  I've also had a lot of work to do with those crazy 12 hour days when I turn into a grunting, groaning and tired monster. 

Then there is my NaNoWriMo book.  It went really well the first two days and then I just got burnt out with work and needed to take a day (or two) off.  I'm at 4,545 words but I should be at 6,668.  Oh well I've got two days off and I'm sure that I'll catch up, once I've caught up on my sleep! 

I hope that everyone else is enjoying this last sprint of days until we are all knee-deep into the holidays.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ready, Set, GO!

This is going to be a crazy month.  Recently everything has been crazy but I now know that November is going to top them all.  I'm having my etsy shop's Grand Opening.  I'm writing an over 50,000 word story for NaNoWriMo, plus it is in a whole new genre so that could be tricky.  Then throw in my full time audit job and part time craft store job.  Also I found out that I have a new part-time auditor to train.  Eek!  December is going to have to be the month for going comatose and then trying to recoup!

This is a subtle way of saying, don't expect too many blogs for the next few weeks.  I'll try to keep everyone updated on how things are going but somewhere I have to tuck in a few hours for sleep and food.