Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Somekind of Normal

I keep waiting for things here in Bangor to get into a some kind of pattern so that I will no longer feel like I am stumbling along here.  How is it that it took less time to settle into Maine the first time than it has when I just moved a couple of hours north?  Then again hind sight is a bit rosy and I'm not so sure that I did settle into Maine as quickly as I seem to remember.

I'm going to be working some night audits again which should help me get around to posting my blog more often,  I have to admit that night audits not only help me get things done but they somehow remind me that I should be keeping up on here.

As I mentioned last time I am now starting up with an Etsy shop for my jewelry.  I'll soon post pictures of the latest set of jewelry that is now in my shop.  It has been a lot of fun and I am so proud of myself that I've been able to keep plowing along and posting new items.  The more I have up for sale the more likely it is that I'll sell something.  I have had one sale so far (thanks again Penny!) but I know how hard it is to really get these things up and going.  Most people who post to Etsy aren't able to make it past the first few hurdles.  The first step is making something unique and the second is making sure that it can be found.  The third is where it gets really hard, patience.  I'm not always good at that last step.

For now I just keep looking up my etsy shop and smiling with the knowledge that so far I'm passing one of the biggest hurdles...I'm not giving up.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wire Willow Shop is Now Open!

First Jewelry items on my Wire Willow Shop!
In between moving to a new area in Maine, starting a new job, and hosting various family members on vacation I somehow got talked into opening my own Etsy site.  Yeah, I'm still not sure how that happened, but it did.

I've been making beaded jewelry since about 4th grade and selling it at my parent's store back home.  I usually made enough to go out to a movie once a month and not much more.  About five years ago I learned how to incorporate wire into my jewelry and it just took off from there.  I love giving jewelry as gifts to family but have been convinced by others that I should share what I make on a much larger scale, we'll see.

Mostly my etsy shop will be a fun way to brag about what I'm making and show family back home my latest designs, hey I might even sell something!
My Cross Stitch of Waterhouse's 'Psyche Opening the Golden Box'
The thing that I'm really curious about is my cross stitch projects that I'll be posting.  I love making huge cross stitch projects, most of them represent my favorite pieces of art.  I'd never thought that there was a market where people would want to buy finished pieces, I believed that they were just a bit too old fashioned.  Well it turns out that cross stitch is posted and even sold on etsy so again, we'll see.  For the right price I'd be willing to share my hard work with others, the one above took me over 700 hours to complete.  For right now let's just admit that I mostly posted it for bragging rights. 

So please run on over to my new etsy shop and see what I have to offer and check back soon as I will be posting many more items in the weeks and months to come.