Saturday, October 30, 2010

I am a genius.

Or at least I feel like one today.

Which is the best time to start a new blog in my opinion. As an amateur writer every day starts and ends with a different mood, and often includes many other moods in between.

Rejection letters bring about some of my darker moods. They take me back to when that first special someone said that they didn't want to go to the dance with me. We're all smart enough to know that rejection letters aren't meant to be personal. They are part of the business and it wouldn't even make sense if every agent told every author yes, especially when their project isn't ready for publication. We've all read back over our old work and wondered how we ever thought that it was perfect. And rejection makes us stronger, or so I say to myself each time that a new one filters into my inbox.

Still there is an undeniable amount of pain involved in the process of writing and seeking a successful career in such a tough field. Self doubt and constant revisions can make you feel like you're spinning in circles, or worse, wasting your time.

That's why on the days that something clicks in just the right way, your successes must be celebrated. The moment that you can say “I am a genius!” must be cherished, even if you later delete that same wonderful passage. After all tomorrow is another day, and it might not be as great.


  1. Welcome to blogworld! After reading so much of your husband's posting, I'm excited to learn something about the woman he married. Writing is something I've dreamed and fantasized about, but haven't ever pursued. Mostly because I was scared how hard it would be to get started. I applaud your efforts to stay with it.

    Romance novels have never been my thing, but historical fiction very definately is. I've been persuaded, on occasion, to put up with some romance as long as there is substantial danger, excitement, and bloodshed involved.

    It is my sincere hope you have some acceptance letters forthcoming. I look forward to reading more from you.

  2. I was re-reading your headline about feeling like a genius and I just had to ask, "Did you stay at a Holiday Inn?"

  3. Randy-Welcome! Although this blog will be about my writing my goal is to make it fun for everyone. Romance books are not for everyone. Happy to hear that you are a history fan though, I hope to include lots of fun historical tidbits that I pick up along the way!

    Steve-I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn... but I had just gotten out of work at the inn that I work at. Having a night audit job that allows me to write is about the best thing ever. I wish all struggling writers (like my husband) could be so lucky.

  4. Most hotels and inns have 24 hour front desk. The 11PM-7AM shift is usually called the night auditor. It varies from place to place but usually includes being the only staff member on site. Tasks include running reports, balancing accounts, preparing the front desk for the next day, providing security, and doing odd bits of guest services.

    Most of the time night auditors have a lot of free time within an eight hour shift. At my last job it was about three to five hours a night to work on reading, writing, or anything else. My present job is even better with most nights having at least six hours of free time.

    It is not a job for everyone though, most can't handle the silence and lack of human contact and in busy hotels you can be a bit overloaded if you are alone. For someone like me, it is heaven.