Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Somekind of Normal

I keep waiting for things here in Bangor to get into a some kind of pattern so that I will no longer feel like I am stumbling along here.  How is it that it took less time to settle into Maine the first time than it has when I just moved a couple of hours north?  Then again hind sight is a bit rosy and I'm not so sure that I did settle into Maine as quickly as I seem to remember.

I'm going to be working some night audits again which should help me get around to posting my blog more often,  I have to admit that night audits not only help me get things done but they somehow remind me that I should be keeping up on here.

As I mentioned last time I am now starting up with an Etsy shop for my jewelry.  I'll soon post pictures of the latest set of jewelry that is now in my shop.  It has been a lot of fun and I am so proud of myself that I've been able to keep plowing along and posting new items.  The more I have up for sale the more likely it is that I'll sell something.  I have had one sale so far (thanks again Penny!) but I know how hard it is to really get these things up and going.  Most people who post to Etsy aren't able to make it past the first few hurdles.  The first step is making something unique and the second is making sure that it can be found.  The third is where it gets really hard, patience.  I'm not always good at that last step.

For now I just keep looking up my etsy shop and smiling with the knowledge that so far I'm passing one of the biggest hurdles...I'm not giving up.


  1. I love my new bracelet and necklace! I'm wearing them today. Good luck with your new shop!

  2. I think you and Kris are both working way too hard. Somehow, it seems that living in North Dakota with Uncle Steve and the fam would be so much easier on both of you. I know you are "living your dream", but from the outside it looks like a lot of hard work. Hope you feel that all of it is rewarding. If not, drop by for a cup of coffee and we can talk...lots of jobs in my state.

  3. Penny-Happy to hear that you like them!

  4. Steve- Oh Steve, such an optimist! But I will agree that sometimes it feels like Kris and I are working too hard, I just keep hoping that there is a cute little beach motel on the other side of all of this back breaking work!

  5. Uncle Steve just doesn't let up on moving to ND does he? I for one would love to have you here as well because I think Kris and I would be the most excellent of friends. Very few people understand my weirdness but Kris wouldn't think I'm weird at all.

    I have yet to find something Kris and I don't have in common other than the fact he supposedly has to hate Star Trek because he loves Star Wars. What is that all about? I continue to be a proud rebel and profess to loving both of them.

    From reading both your blogs, I can tell you love living on the coast. As much as ND has to offer, coastline is not one of them. I truly, truly, truly believe there is a cozy little hideaway somewhere for you two to open your hospitality business. You said it all when you said you are happy you have not given up. WELL DONE! You are in my prayers that your efforts will not be in vain and you will indeed make your dreams reality.

    Don't you EVER tell me you and Kris have given up or uncle Steve and I will have to take a road trip out to Bangor and have words with you.

  6. Randy-Nope, Steve will never give up! I do think that you and Kris would get along quite well and I found out that he isn't as anti-Star Trek as I had thought... Thanks for all of the good thoughts that you push our way. I know that one day it will all work!