Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Flu

I thought that horrible flu seasons were supposed to be when the weather outside was snowy or at least rainy.  Well despite the wonderful new sunshine that Summer has brought us my house is filled with flu.  First it hit me and now my husband is starting to get it too.  Tonight we sat at the table munching on Saltines and salads.

"I'm so tired and sore," I told him.

"Dizzy and headachy," he replied.

We clearly aren't very entertaining or interesting when we're sick!

I hope that everyone else is enjoying a much brighter start to summer and that Kris and I will be 100% soon so that we can celebrate the release of my newest book, Reluctantly in Love, later this month.  Take your vitamin C and check back soon!


  1. Feel better! My son and I both got this 3 weeks ago. It's awful. Pamper yourself....and drink lots of ginger ale!

  2. Yes, tons of ginger ale, saltines and soup! Happy to hear that you and your family have pulled out of it. I think mine is finally nearing the end!

  3. The flu is horrible any season, but the summer...seriously? :D

    Hope you feel better!


  4. Maria-Thanks! Finally feeling better. The worst is how hot it has been. When I'm sick on the couch and it's all humid and hot I have the oddest dreams!