Monday, October 29, 2012

Writing, Deeply Dapper and Frankenstorm!

I'm used to busy holiday seasons but this year is something else.

For those of you who haven't heard I'm wrapping up the last few edits for my fourth book that will be released right around Thanksgiving.  I've had quite a bit of feedback lately on the first two books in the Mrs. Brentley's Girls series and nearly every one has shown excitement for my Christmas novel and the wonderful main character Winnie Brentley.  You can imagine how wonderful that is and yet how nervous that makes me.  I've never had to deal with expectations before.  I feel like I have to preform perfectly and have an amazing book for my growing base of readers.

Then there is something quite exciting going on in my house.  The entire small building is being over-run with bubble wrap, stickers, resin skulls, boxes, light-switch plates, spray paint and great big wooden plaques.  What's going on?  My husband's etsy shop, Deeply Dapper is in hyper drive!  Wonderful new items that he has added to his shop over the past few months are now selling like crazy, at least for us.  With around 24 orders coming in a week I have offered to help take over some of the running of the shop especially now that Christmas is coming and we expect pretty decent holiday sales.  If you haven't checked out the shop yet please swing by here!  He has some great new items, many for under $10!

Finally I'm guessing that all of you know that Frankenstorm is coming to New England this week.  It kinda sounds like it will visit Maine right around Halloween and they are warning us that our area will likely loose power.  Living out in the boonies means that we have our own water well...thus no power means no pump so we would have no heat, no power, no water, you get the point.  I doubt that we will loose power for more than a day or two and despite our best excuses we will both have to continue to drive into work.  Still we have to be prepared in case it is a worst case scenario.

It isn't even November yet and this holiday season is already kicking my butt!  Luckily, except for the storm, all of the things keeping me busy are great signs for the future.  Happy early holidays!


  1. I'm loving my resin skull! I've got it at work and we take turns coming up with the chalk writing of the day. It arrived in perfect condition thanks to an exquisite packing job!

  2. Awesome! We were so excited when we saw that you got the green one. I think it has a bit more flare than the usual all black! Happy to hear that it got to you safe and sound!