Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wedding Bells Galore!

This has been the summer of weddings, none of which I have been able to go to.  So here's a whoop and hallar for the new Jenny Heglund, Lindsay Swan, and the future Sarah Mcdonald and Allison Molitor!

I certainly have been busy lately.  I've been working on some jewelry for a couple of weddings that are coming up.  My cousin Sarah and her boyfriend Zach, and my good friends Allison and Anthony are all tying the knot in October.  Living so far away and being broke means that I will have to miss both weddings but I'm sure that they will have a wonderful time.

I also got in a 'little' shipment of pearl supplies thanks to my mom owing me for a bit of jewelry that I made her.  They are quickly becoming beautiful pieces and I will share a few pics next week.  Meanwhile I've been working at one job, searching for a second job, and just trying to keep my sanity in tact with jobs in general.

The good news is that I'm also back to editing my books and I'm trying to get in the habit of updating my blog again.  I really missed this over the past few months and I have some great new ideas that will start up this week.  I hope that everyone is having a great fall!

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