Saturday, October 1, 2011

Candle of the Week-Spiced Cake

Want to know more about my candle obsession?  Well good because you were going to find out anyway.  Every day that I burn a candle, which is most days, I like to open up my cupboards filled with candles and sniff out the specific one that fits that day.  My mood, the weather, what I plan to do that day all fits into choosing the perfect candle.  My husband laughs at me, but often asks me to help him pick out one too when he goes off into his "fortress of smallitude".  When you pick the right candle it can emphasis a mood, just like music.
A daily update is a bit too much (even for me).  Instead I want to sum up the week that was with the candle that helped set the mood.  I'll make sure that you know why I love it and where to find it.  Unfortunately there will be times when it is a discontinued candle or one that is very hard to find.  Sorry but I have too many like that to exclude them from my choices.  Instead you might be able to find something similar from another company.
Such is the case with this week's candle. 
Smell it!
Spiced Cake is kinda like Carrot Cake but without the carrots or nuts.  Instead it is all about the exotic fall spices like nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon.  Not too sweet but certainly a treat!  I enjoy it during the early fall season because it isn't as musky and dark as some of my later fall scents.
Get it!
Spiced Cake is no longer available through Patriot Candles (a surprisingly good but cheap brand that can only be found at Walgreen's).  However I've heard that many other companies have this scent too.
Why I recommend Patriot Candles
Well it seems to only be the generic jar candles, not the pillars or anything fancy, that works the best.  But if you get the ones pictured above in their two largest sizes you will be pleased with your purchase.  They burn well, especially for a cheap candle.  Most of their scents fills up a medium sized room and even when left alone for a long time they rarely develops large flames.  I have found the occasional bad scent or a wick that just won't burn right but nine out of tens times I'm shocked that they are so cheap.  The best time to get them is when they go on sale.  The very best time is during their Black Friday sale when I've seen them for as cheap as buy one get two free!

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