Friday, December 16, 2011

Go Golden Globes!

I love men in scarves!
I'm really not into the award shows.  The usual people win and the unusual people sometimes get to make a speech that later gets taken out in editing.  Just not really my thing most of the time although I do fondly remember the days when Billy Crystal lit up the Oscars.  But this time I have to give a shout out to the Golden Globes for nominating some of my favorite new faces.
Yes that is a um, well one of THOSE kind of dolls.
Somehow Ryan Gosling is now Hollywood's new stud.  That is great for him and I don't mind getting in a few glimpses of what he has to offer.  However if you haven't seen it yet take a step back and watch Lars and the Real Girl.  This is when I became impressed with this amazing actor.  It was at times difficult to watch but a moving view of how lonely some of us can feel.

And of course the whole reason that I even noticed who was nominated this year, my new favorite actor, Michael Fassbender, is now in the running for his role in Shame.  I have not yet seen this dark film but am now even more excited to watch it.  Could this be the year that I have an underdog to cheer for at the award shows?  That hasn't happened in years!  Happy movie watching and happy holidays!

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