Monday, July 23, 2012

Just For Me-Common People

Although I have some fun ideas for a Victorian Romance that would follow a few of the servants and lower staff members, for the most part writing historical romance means writing tales about the upper classes in society.  I will admit that I get jealous thinking about the grand estates, beautiful clothes, and lavish dinners that my fictitious characters get to enjoy.

Maybe that's why I love this song.  It is a very British pop song about a spoiled young rich girl who thinks it would be cool to act like the 'common people'.  While this is my favorite version I must give a shout out to William Shatner's version too!

Enjoy and welcome back from your weekend!


  1. Hi Lindsay - on the topic of historial romance, I'll tell you that I give authors of the genre a lot of credit. I say this because I imagine there must be a lot of research that needs to be conducted before scenes/stories (clothing, language lingo, social interaction, etc.) of that era can be written.

    As for me, the extent of the research I've done has amounted to no more than five hours per story :-)


  2. Hi Maria-Sometimes I do find myself diving into research for hours instead of writing. It can put me back a bit. Luckily I graduated with a History degree where I studied the areas and times that I like to write about. So I really don't mind cracking out my old history books or running to the library for some great new sources. That said there is always room for improvements and more research that could be done! Plus I'm thinking about writing a couple of modern books just to try out such a different style.