Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Up in Flames

You may have heard about the fires burning in Colorado but unless you live in the area you may not have heard about all of the other fires that are consuming the western states.  There was a brief one across the way from my sister's house in Utah, my mother's home town of Roundup Montana has had two nearby and those are just the few that have effected my family.

Then my hometown of Pocatello, Idaho was hit this weekend.  It started at 2:30 in the afternoon and by the next morning 66 houses were destroyed.  My facebook account is filled with personal stories of houses that burned or barely survived.  One family that we are close to lost their home last year in a huge fire.  I was horrified when I heard that their new house was near this fire as well and for much of the time they were evacuated.  Luckily the winds turned just in time and they are now back home.

If you live in a wonderfully damp environment like the coast please keep the westerners in mind. If you are a westerner please be careful this weekend and maybe skip the fireworks.  The whole area appears to be a tinderbox this year that is ready to flame out of control!

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