Tuesday, September 25, 2012

History for the Small Screen

 Over the past month I've had a bit of time at home to catch up on two television shows that my husband has been urging me to watch for years.  He knows how much I love history, when it is done well.  Although I had a hard time getting through the first episode of Mad Men I ended up watching the entire series up to date.  I'm not about to rave about it but I do feel that they have created a unique show with interesting characters and I will continue to watch it.  It is really the interesting mix of history that I enjoy.  Well that and watching Don, even when he's bad....

The second show is the one that my husband instinctively knew that I would love, even though I didn't think that I would.  I don't like shows that have gore just for the sake of being gory and for quite some time I thought that I would be very disappointed in the show. Game of Throne fans will easily see how anyone interested in history would fall in love with this series.  Manipulative lords, brother killing brother, loyalty, deception, honor, and just enough fantasy thrown in to make someone like me squeal with joy!

I like to think that it is better to become a late fan than not a fan at all.  For anyone who hasn't tried the HBO series yet I highly recommend it, but be warned sex, gore, and one fantastic irreverent 'Imp' awaits you!  For loyal fans who haven't kept up with the news, Cieran Hinds will join the cast for the new season. That's reason enough to watch in my opinion!

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