Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Scent of Scandal

If you haven't been to visit my website recently then you might not know that I have a new book coming out later this month.  A Scent of Scandal is the second novel in the Mrs. Brentley's Girls Series.  Here's a bit more about it:

Robin Wellings loves being the center of gossip. Even she couldn't have planned what would happen when a handsome stranger enters into her room on the night of her engagement. She has marked him for her next conquest and is willing to take risks to get what she wants.

Rehl has succeeded by doing almost anything to prevent Victor Sullivan's fiancées from marrying him. However the newest young woman is proving to be a challenge. When Rehl makes an impulsive decision it throws them down a path and neither is certain of the outcome.

They will become great enemies or great lovers, either way they are certain to offend the best of society.

 A Scent of Scandal will be released at the end of this month.  Please check back for more information or visit my website.

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