Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hello Again

Is it creepy or cute?  Can't decide.
I'm back.  Well kinda.  I knew that if I didn't do a new post soon I'd be hearing about it from my husband.  I have been getting better at managing the pain in my teeth and am counting down the days until my wisdom teeth are gone and I can start healing and recouping.

I don't know that there is ever a great time in your life for everything to grind to a halt but I can tell you that I wouldn't have picked this past month if I'd had a choice.  There are so many wonderful things that I was on the edge of enjoying.  I was about to put out my first self published e-book.  There are edits to be done, books to read, and I was trying to dive into online writers communities.  I was also excited to get into the spring spirit by going through everything and throwing away the shocking amount of clutter that we have amassed in the last year.  The pets all need to see the business end of the trimmer, brushes and combs.  Then there is all of the outdoor exercise that we promised ourselves we'd do once it got nice out.

Instead I've spent the last month trying to hone my skills at taking various doses of ibuprofen and finding out what ways I can sleep, eat, and even sit that don't cause as much pain.  It hasn't been all been horrible but it has been unproductive and frustrating.  I've been to the dentist's office 6 times in the last month as they've tried to figure out what was wrong.  Part of the problem was a filling that was too large and a tiny cavity on the same tooth that didn't show up in the x-rays but got aggravated by the other work done on the tooth.  Next Wednesday I go in to have my wisdom teeth removed and I am crossing my fingers that everything goes well.

In the mean time I plan to move on with my life.  I've got tons of movies to review that I've watched this last month.  I was even able to read a few books between headaches.

The most important thing to me right now is that I push forward with my first attempt at self publishing.  Except for a few final touches the book is ready but you'll find out more about it if you check back on Thursday.

Until then take care!


  1. Speaking of hearing from your husband, I'm patiently waiting for part 2 of the death star construction. He's not exactly speedy on the posting either.

    I'm sorry you're in so much pain. Mouth pain seems to bother me more than other aches so I'm sure you're not going through a pleasant time. It makes it even worse when they have to dig around just to search for what the problem is. We want them to wave a magic wand and make everything better.

    Hopefully an end to your discomfort is coming soon.

  2. Lindsay...I am so sorry to hear this. Please feel better soon! I'm looking forward to hearing good news from you in the near future!

  3. Randy-Thanks for the comforting words! When I tell some people that I can't sleep or eat and that I keep getting headaches and nauseous they seem pretty let down that it is 'just a tooth ache'. I'll bug Kris about putting up his next post. Have you gotten your little beastie yet?

  4. Penny-Thanks! I promise that soon you'll only hear good news. I've become a remarkably upbeat person over the last year or two so it is kinda hard to be down in the dumps and so sick lately. Luckily I see blue skies ahead of me with just enough rain to make everything look fresh and green!

  5. Yes, my cute, little alien arrived a couple days ago and looks adorable! I was expecting it to be all bottled up and ready so I was pleasantly surprised to find it was "assembly required." It's like an added bonus when I get the pleasure of constructing something myself.

    I'll be blogging about the beastie bottling process eventually. I'm only about 8 blogs behind schedule so I've got some writing to do.