Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Introduction to Mrs. Brentley

Not every young Victorian girl had the means of going to London or Bath for a season to look for husbands. Luckily there were wealthy friends and family members who offered to sponsor marriageable girls in town while they served as a sort of champion to various events.

This unique form of generosity is what spawned the wonderful character of Mrs. Brentley. I took the custom a bit further than I have found evidence of by making her an official husband hunter. Every year she sponsors one young lady in London while trying to catch the year's most eligible bachelor for her new charge. I loved the idea of someone who had gained so much through her own marriage that she was then trying to help others do the same. Of course Mrs. Brentley didn't expect the kind of problems that the Wellings twins are about to give her.

You can read more about Mrs. Brentley and her charges in my first novel, A Taste of Honey, coming out March 29th.

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