Saturday, March 19, 2011

Reluctantly...Pushed Back

When I released the book cover for Reluctantly in Love I thought that I was done with the book. I had edited it numerous times and was quite pleased with how it had turned out. What I didn't anticipate was the number of people who would come rushing forth offering to help me. It is true that help is always at hand, you just have to ask for it. Right now my wonderful worker bees are helping me with ideas on how to strengthen my novel and turn it's somewhat flabbier parts into a tightly honed new product. I am excited to see what comes out of this experiment.

So why aren't they working on A Taste of Honey as well? There comes a point at which editing can become destructive and that wonderful shine that it first had gets lost in the many revisions. A Taste of Honey is a wonderfully fun book that my body, mind and spirit has decided is done. I feel great about getting it into the hands of my friends and family members as well as some adventure seeking strangers.

As for Reluctantly in Love, it is holding up wonderfully under this newest round of scrubbing. It's shiny new edition will be ready to release sometime in June of this year. Until then I hope that you will stick with me as I better learn the strange ins and outs of becoming a self-published author. For my fans I think that A Taste of Honey will be a great chance for you to try out my writing style.


  1. Scrub it, baby! I have read some books lately that were not edited well, and it's a downer. Even the greatest authors in the world need some help in the editing department. Take your time and make it shine!

  2. Penny-I'm working on it but at some point my new round of revisions is starting to feel like that groundhogs day movie. 'Didn't I already try to change that part?' Luckily I think that somewhere within that cyclical yuck is a better draft of my book. I just have to find it!

  3. Big diff between revisions and edits.....edits are just about "scrubbing" or "polishing" to make it shine. Revisions are much bigger...and bulkier. And you are right, you will learn to recognize when your manuscript is "done" more revisions, it just feels right. That is something that comes with experience as a writer.