Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Painting Splatters

A few before pictures might be nice
I've been working my butt off with this Etsy sale, even taking my two days off to make jewelry so that I wouldn't run out of pearl items to be posted (I underestimated how many of them my mom would buy...). 

It was when I got off work yesterday and went into my craft room to write that I realized, I could not write in that room.  Since we moved in it has become a bit of a junk center.  Don't want something cluttering up another room?  Shove it under the bed.  Don't want to sort through some papers, well I've got this closet of death that fits stuff like that quite nicely.  And the worst part...they had painted it pink.  Almost every wall in our recently purchased used mobile home was splashed with a very pale shade of off pink.  I think that it has finally driven me batty.
This picture was taken when it was mostly 'clean'.

So when my husband woke up an hour and a half later he found a huge pile of junk in the living room and me in my craft room with ratty clothes on and white primer streaked in my hair, on my arms, and even on my back.  (Hey it is hard to paint in those tiny closets!)  Luckily my husband is awesome and he even helped out by spray painting a lamp for the room and slapping on a bit of the paint color while I was asleep.  Although it is a tiny room, painting every one of those nooks and crannies is going to take forever!  So don't be looking for finished project pictures yet but I'm hoping that within the next week I'll be able to show you what a couple of cans of paint and some spray finish can really do!

And that book of mine?  I've still been trying to work on NaNoWriMo but it hasn't nudged too far past the 5,500 mark. Right now I'm not too worried about making that mark.  Like I said, I couldn't concentrate to write in that room.  After the remodel I'll go back to pounding it out and getting it ready.  That might mean that the book isn't done until sometime in December but I'm not going to freak out.  At least not like I did on my craft room!


  1. Do you guys ever stop and smell the roses? Really, I mean I'm exhausted just reading your blogs. Maybe it's an age thing, but you guys are running circles around your old uncle.

  2. Steve-haha. Yeah I really do feel like sometimes I need to just sit back and relax, but it never happens. I remember that research book that I wanted to read or that etsy project that I was going to finished or...sigh. Maybe someday I'll be able to just sit back and relax without feeling guilty.