Saturday, November 26, 2011

Candle of the Week-Buttered Rum

Smell it!
The first time that I burned this candle I swear that I could taste it too.  I love lifesavers buttered rum candies and burning this candle is like poping one in your mouth for hours and without the added calories.  I honestly use this candle to suppress some of my sweet tooth urges, it is that good!  Rich, velvety, sweet, bold, good lord there is no way to really describe it so just go get a thing of the lifesavers if you need to know more.  I love it for this late fall and early winter period because this season is filled with deserts and this is my cheat for getting around the extra calories.
Get it!
WoodWick gets rid of their seasonal scents every year.  Luckily they often repeat scents from year to year.  Unfortunatly this has not been one of them.  As of right now it isn't avalible through their site but sometimes you can run across one in stores or through other online candle vendors.  Just don't expect a good deal  And don't loose hope, there is always next year for Woodwick to bring it back!
Woodwick Tip
If you read my blog regularly then you already know why I love these candles.  Instead I have a little tip for making them last and last.  When you burn any jar candle you should let it burn for long enough that it melts the entire top layer of wax, or close to it.  This is especially import for wood wicks because they have such a soft wax and won't build up that stiff rim.  Instead they will melt the edges and flood your wick until it goes out.  If this has happened you can scoop out the excess wax with a spoon untill you have the right level all the way around and light it again.

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