Monday, August 27, 2012

Just for Me-Fall!

Through the trees you can see a little of the University I went to.
I have this abnormal obsession with fall.  For some reason it didn't start until I was a freshman in college.  When I was stressed out with school I would open up the curtains of my 7th story dorm room and I would stare out at the beautiful trees that line the streets of Missoula Montana.  Bits of stress would just melt away.
The view from "M" hill in Missoula

I've lived in Maine for two fall seasons but each time I have been told by the locals that it was one of their worst fall seasons ever.  I'm not certain if they are remembering old glory days of the 60s or if the fall season really hasn't been all that it should be.  Either way I keep hoping that before Kris and I move back out west we will get to live through one of those mythical perfect fall seasons where every tree changes one leaf at a time and no freak storms sweep in to destroy it.

Downtown Missoula-I really miss their farmer's market
Some people hate fall because they see it as the death of summer when it gets cold and the trees start to hibernate.  I love every bit of fall and celebrate it by eating fresh orchard apples, various squashes, hiking through the woods, burning fall scented candles, and drinking more hot cider and cocoa than is good for me!

As the first leaves start to change here in Maine I hope that everyone gets to enjoy a wonderful Fall season this year!


  1. I remember the view from my window at Jesse Hall when I was a freshman at the University of Montana. I could see the rows of trees lining the streets and they looked the plaid pattern on a package of Scotch tape. Autumn has always been a favorite season of mine because the temperatures are so nice and it's not as rainy as spring. I never was a hunter, but I can imagine how people that hunt could love the fall weather.

  2. Fall is easily my favorite season. Mostly because my allergies seem to take a break after the first frost. But my body appreciates the climate. Not too hot, not too cold.

  3. Yup Steve, we both got to enjoy Jesse Hall, the best view on campus. Did you ever check it out on the top floor meeting area? Almost made me dizzy when I'd look out at it. Kris and I aren't hunters either and in Maine most areas that we like to walk or hike we can't because fall is taken over by those men in orange jackets.

  4. Randy-poor guy! I hate allergies and luckily don't suffer them very often. At least you have one season that you can enjoy!

  5. Since moving from NY to AZ many years ago I miss not having Fall like weather.

    Funny cause even when I was living in NY I had always wanted to visit Vermont in the fall/winter because of all the wonderful pictures I've seen of the Autumn folliage. The colors are so rich and vibrant.

    Here in Phx we just have heat :-/

    Thanks for posting!

  6. Arizona, yup I could never do that. I like seasons and my husband gets grumpy when it is too hot. Give me a chilly fall day and some cocoa!

    Before we move I hope to hop over to New Hampshire and Vermont to see what they have to offer for fall. The odd thing is how few roads cross from mid-Maine to those areas. You almost have to go down to MA to cross over, crazy because it takes twice as long!