Thursday, February 10, 2011

Book Review-Again the Magic

 Lisa Kleypas
Again the Magic
A Historical Romance Novel

This book was fantastic, especially the emotional twist at the end that I refuse to give away.  The story is about two childhood sweethearts whose lives have dramatically changed since being torn apart from each other.  It has wonderful raw emotions and does a great job of portraying the fears and insecurities of the two main characters.  The side story romance for the heroine's sister was also a lot of fun and I couldn't help wishing that there had been more.  Another plus about this book is that Lord Westcliff, one of my favorite Kleypas heroes, is included as the heroine's brother.

I love how real the people in this book felt and that Kleypas was able to create great characters without glossing over their flaws.  Neither main character is perfect but it is clear that both are battling with the notion of love.

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