Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Goodbye to All of My Wisdom...

I have two horizontal that are fully impacted and two angular that are partially impacted.  No wonder it hurts!
The last few months I've been having a lot of intense headaches.   My jaw has been really sore, as if I kept clenching my teeth even though that is something that I rarely do.  Also it hurts when I eat anything.  Yup, you guessed it.  My wisdom teeth have decided to become a living nightmare.  Over this last week the pain has been intense enough that I can't concentrate enough to write, edit, or even focus on reading.  Writing anything close to a clever blog has been out of the question.  Tonight I finally had to go back to the dentist's office so that they could figure out what some of the pain was, a filling they put in last week was too large and had to be shaved down.  That seems to be helping with some of the sharper pains but my wisdom teeth are still sticking around until late March.

What does that mean for you guys?  A very spotty blogging from me.  I'll still try to log on here and get something written but if I go silent for awhile, you now know why.  On the plus side I have been able to sit on the couch and watch some great new movies that I'm excited to review.  I broke out of my craving for old classics (for now at least) and have been devouring as many little known British movies as I can get my hands on.

So what's your wisdom teeth horror story or do you still have some lodged in your skull?  Any home remedies that I should be trying as I count down the days?


  1. Oh, Lindsay....I hope you feel better soon. That totally sucks! Here's my wisdom teeth story....right before freshman year of college, I had them out. Lost feeling in part of my chin and half of my lips, that eventually returned after 6 months. I was worried some cute boy would be kissing me and I'd say "Are you kissing me yet? Are you doing it?" since I had no sensation! Luckily, it didn't last long!

    Good luck and enjoy your old movies!

  2. Penny-Yikes! That's about the last thing that a girl needs right before diving into college. Happy to hear that it didn't last forever, still 6 months must have felt like forever! It is so interesting how almost everyone has wisdom teeth horror stories. They are just nasty things all around.

  3. I had mine removed shortly after finishing high school. They did two on one side, then I had to go back two weeks later for them to do the other side. They had to cut them in 2-3 pieces before they could be removed. I didn't think the bleeding would ever stop. I was sick to my stomach for a while because of all the blood I swallowed. My then-girlfriend, now-wife, said it was two weeks of the worst breath I've ever had. The only thing that made it bearable was the high-octane motrin the dentist prescribed after my 2nd visit. It made me wish I would have requested pain killers the first time.

    Even after the pain subsided, food would keep falling into the holes left by the teeth further compounding the bad breath problem. It was nice when they finally healed over. I would never want to go through that again.

    My wife had a much easier time, hopefully yours is one of the "easier" ones.

  4. Randy-Wow, two operations, not sure that I could handle that. The bleeding sounds horrible. Happy to hear that your wife put up with you and that her's was a bit easier.

    I found out that my parents each had a really easy time of it too. My mom's biggest complaint was that her milkshakes tasted like medicine for awhile!