Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fellow Bloggers-The Moody Muses!

Today's fellow blog comes from The Moody Muses.  Barbara Wallace writes about how hard it can be for writers to find a process that works for them and how important it is for an author to understand that there is no magic formula that will succeed for everyone.  Pop on over here to read the blog!

I think that we all have problems finding our own pace and often think that those around us who write faster must have some secret that they aren't letting us in on.  Getting results is difficult but well worth it in the end!  Or so we all hope!


  1. Hi Lindsay! Thank you for featuring us. WE'll have to return the favor.


  2. Hi Barb! Thanks for stopping by! It's been fun to follow the methods of other writers through their blogs. We all have such different styles that work for us!