Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Final Opinion on KDP Free Promotion Days

Before joining the KDP Select for 90 days for my first novel, Reluctantly in Love I did a little bit of looking into fellow romance writer's opinions of it.  For some reason many that I ran across were negative.  They didn't like the restrictions of only selling their books through Amazon for so long.  Others seemed to object to the way that 'free' books are done on Amazon.  Some didn't like that you could only use 5 days every 90 day period for a free promotion while others wanted to keep their books free at all times.  Then there were those who LOVED the program and credited it with important boosts in their sales and a raised name recognition in general.

I went into my promotional days with rather low expectations.  My books sales have been almost non-existant this month so getting my name out through a few free book sales and then a few paid sales after the promotion ended was all that I was really expecting.

I am happy to say that I now fit into the category of people who love this program.  Although my sales were never something to brag about I have now sold more copies of my books since the promotion ended on Sunday morning than I had in the past three months.  I don't expect this trend to continue for very long and I'm curious to see where my sales land when the new 'normal' kicks in.  If I try to program again in the future I will try not to expect this great of an outcome again, it could have been a fluke or just the right timing.  Still I think that at some point I would love to give it a go and find out, maybe around Christmas.

Perhaps the best thing about this promotion was how many people went out of their way to help me spread the news.  Special thanks to the ever-wonderful Penny Watson!

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