Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reluctantly in Love-Select and Free!

I've heard some great things about Amazon's KDP Select and this week I am giving it a go!  For those of you who aren't writers, or who haven't looked into it yet, the idea is that for 90 days you agree to only sell e-copies of your book through Amazon.  In exchange they let you join their 'Select' group.  People can borrow your book for free, if they are part of the Select program with Amazon, and Amazon will pay you each time someone borrow it.  Also you can choose 5 days within that 90 day period when your book will be free to download.

I know this kinda sounds like paying someone to steal your lunch money.  But how all of these giveaways help is that Amazon kinda pushes your book to the front of the pack and you reach more potential readers, they can become potentials fans of your writing, then they will then buy your other books.  If your goal isn't the just sell books but to make fans who will buy new books too this is a great way to start, or at least that's what I've heard.

Today August 14th through Saturday August 18th Reluctantly in Love will be free to download on Amazon.com!  Please tell family, friends, and even those that you don't like to visit my website for more information or head directly to Amazon.com for your free copy!  It will then be an Amazon.com exclusive for the remained 85 days.  If you were planning to buy it through Barnes and Noble or Smashwords it will be available in time for Christmas!

Thanks for the support everyone and wish me luck!