Monday, August 6, 2012

Just for Me-Camping!

Our Destination-Peaks Kenny State Park
We've been preparing for a little camping trip at my house and it is finally almost here!  For three nights this coming weekend Kris and I will escape up north to enjoy the great outdoors with our two dogs.  Although we are looking forward to awhile without internet or e-mail, I'll admit that we are both charging up our e-readers and ipods.  But I assure you that a few classic soft-back books will join the packing along with some hiking shoes and a pair of flip-flops for the lake.

We did the math and except for time off to move (twice in the past two years) and time off to visit or entertain family (four times in the past two years) Kris and I have not had time off for a vacation for the two of us in almost three years.  We've had a day trip here or there and I went to a very busy writer's conference last spring with him but otherwise nothing.  No wonder we need this little three day weekend for some recovery and recharging!


  1. Enjoy yourself! You both deserve it. If you eat any where interesting, I really enjoy the food pictures Kris puts out. *hint hint*

  2. Have a great time! Happy camping!

  3. Randy-I'll make sure that he packs the camera and hopefully makes some great food!