Friday, October 14, 2011

Days Off

 The days off for our anniversary were pretty well spent. We went to Acadia with our dogs on the first day.  It was their first time at the ocean but there were too many people around for them to really process much.  The only thing that they really noticed was that they didn't like the taste of the water.

After that we did a full day of shopping for supplies.  Since we live a half hour away from town it is a bit difficult to drop by a store and pick up something especially when I go to work after the stores are closed and get home before they open again, ah the joys of overnights!

We spent the final two days working on my husband's new shed.  We insulated it and then painted the new walls, although I still need to go in and do some touch ups.  I know, not really romantic but it needed to get done and we finally had the time.  Overall it was a nice time for the two of us to unwind.  Now it is back to work!
Icky itching insulation!
Mostly completed and much nicer than before!


  1. Nice job on the shed! That insulation is nasty business. I've done two basements now and can't say I enjoyed either one. I don't mind painting though. Reminds me I need to get started on my daughter's room. Now that she's a teenager, she felt she needed to get a new look for her space.

  2. Randy-I hate insulation too, luckily Kris did all of it and I just had to babysit the dogs. Personally I love painting! It is such a fun way of taking ownership of a room. Places don't feel like they are mine until I've put some color and sweat into them! That's great about your daughter's room getting a makeover. My sister never wanted one for her room but I got to choose the new colors for mine once and it made me feel very in control and grown up. It was a beautiful light minty green and the color still reminds me of home. Have fun with your new project!