Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our Anniversary

This was our wedding site, perfect!
My husband and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary today.  Although he has to work in the morning for a little while we will then have four wonderful days off together.  We plan to go out leaf peeping near Acadia and also venture a bit further north than we have so far.  I expect that there will be wonderful pictures to share with all of you by the time that we get back.

This is a real treat for us because we have never been able to celebrate our anniversary.  October is always a busy time for Walgreens and it is too hard to get away.  Plus we never had a honeymoon after our wedding.  I drove from Missoula to Pocatello on a Thursday, did bridal parties on Friday, the wedding on Saturday, and was driving back to Missoula on Sunday morning with a text book in my hand studying for a midterm for the next day.  But I wouldn't have changed a thing about our timing, our fall wedding was gorgeous.
Ludo at about 4 months old
I think that the strangest thing when I look back at those pictures is when I see my little Ludo as a puppy.  The first year and a half that we had him I was still going to school in Missoula so when I did come home to visit he would get very excited and show off for me with all of his new tricks.

My only regret is that almost every one of the pictures turned out blurry.  I've collected a few good shots from some friends and didn't find out until afterwards that no one was recording it.  Oh well what really matters is the marriage that came out of it.  Oh and the cake, lemon and yummy!
No fancy filter and this is one of the better ones we've found.


  1. Thanks for the memories. I'd like to share a couple myself. Our niece Karen was living with us in October 1990 when we celebrated our fifth anniversary. She watched the boys so Belinda and I could go eat at our favorite restaurant. I had crab legs and she had a steak. Scott would have been about four months old and Derek about two years old. The years have flown by. However, enjoy your anniversary and look back at all the adventures you've shared in the past five years and think about all the wonderful things that lie ahead for you. Best wishes for the future. Uncle Steve

  2. Happy Anniversary! I had lemon cake at my wedding, too!!! Have a great time in Acadia. :^)

  3. Steve-That sounds like a wonderful anniversary memory! The years have flown, I can't believe that it was five years ago. Thanks for the well wishes!

  4. Penny-Thanks! We had a great time today but the leaves haven't turned as much as we'd been told they had. Still, very pretty and our dogs had a lot of fun. Lemon cakes are the best!

  5. This seems like a blog about dogs and cake.