Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Who Doesn't Love Pearls?

Fun Fresh Water Pearls!
Okay that's kind of a silly question.  But while some people go gaga for the standard white salt-water variety, my passion lies with freshwater pearls.

They are usually dyed to achieve a wide array of colors.  The styles range from perfectly round to the strange world of 'baroque'  and coin pearls.  I love the textures and varieties that you get from fresh water pearls.  I like to mix them with other beads, like hematite. They add a fresh twist to the old classic.

Recently I was able to get my hands on a large batch of freshwater pearls that have now been made into beautiful necklaces and earrings that will be popping up on my WireWillow site during the month of November for my Grand Opening sale (more on that next time!).

Fresh water pearls really are my passion.  I try to limit the amount of jewelry that I make for myself, otherwise I'd keep everything.  So I only have about 30 sets that I've kept over the past 6 years, 20 of them are different pearl necklaces with matching earrings!

Some fun facts about pearls: 
They are graded from A-F based on flaws and irregular shapes.
The really pricy ones are the perfectly round A grade because they are so rare.
I work mostly with B-D grade because I love the surprise that 'flaws' can bring to the piece.
The F grade pearls aren't sold for jewelry, they get ground up and are then used in most types of eyeshadow!  How many women realize that they are putting on a bit of pearl every day?

Want to see more pearls?  Check out my etsy shop during the coming of November!  Use the code GRAND and receive 15% off!

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