Monday, October 31, 2011

Wire Willow Goes Pearly!

I mentioned on my last post that I had gotten in a large shipment of pearls that will be popping up on my site throughout November.  I wanted to take a second today to share some of the new items and my favorite ways to use these fantastic beads.  So here are ten of my favorite new pieces that will be released in November for my Grand Opening.  
With Hematite Chips

Coin Pearls

Baroque (this set can be found at my husband's site by clicking here)

With Swarovski Crystals

Tiny Bundles

Wire Wrapped

Gorgeous Victorian Style

Hand Knotted on Silk Thread
Coin Pearls

You can go to my etsy site now by clicking here.  Want one of these that hasn't been posted yet?  Send me a message here or through my etsy account.


  1. I think the yellow peral necklace screams me.

  2. Of course it would scream me more if I had spelled pearl correctly.

  3. I know, I love that one! The clasp is what makes it perfect.