Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book Review-The Devil to Pay

Liz Carlyle
The Devil To Pay
Historical Romance Novel

In some ways, I didn't want to like this book. Tattoos back then were very painful and I just have a very hard time imagining someone getting a black angel tattoo on their breast of all places. Even worse was how she loved showing it off to people that she had duped like some sort of slutty version of sticking her tongue out at the men. Also the 'hero' was a bit bumbly, the idea of them being in love didn't really mesh well. Then there were other, little things, that I just sort of shook my head at.

But the truth is that I read this book without ever putting it down for more than a few minutes. It was like that TV show that you swear to hate and then find yourself laughing at nearly every scene and grudgingly admit to being hooked and wanting more. The sex scenes were very steamy, to say the least. I'll admit now that I loved reading them. Also I loved that the title was actually used at an important point in the book, it wasn't just something that had been tacked on at the end.

Usually I pick romance stories for the love and romance aspect not for sex scenes and adventure. I want to feel that the two people really deserve their happily ever after and that they are perfect for each other. I can't say that I really found that in this book, but I still enjoyed it none the less.

This is one of those that I must simply call a guilty pleasure and I'll admit that I am excited to read more of what Liz Carlyle has to offer.



  1. It's always a sign of a good book when you don't want to like it but just can't help yourself :) I know I have this hidden in my TBR bookshelf somewhere...

  2. I was the same way, bought it years ago but just couldn't get over the tattoo idea so it remained in the TBR pile. Some times you just have to give in and try something different!