Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Downside of Our Wonderful Snow

My husband and I moved to the New England area last year and had hoped that the weather would be somewhat similar to that which we had enjoyed in Idaho and Montana where we both grew up. There have been some sharp differences, like the increased humidity during summer and the fifth season they refer to as 'Mud Season'. The most disappointing difference that the East brought has been a lack of snow.

While our friends back home bragged of playing in the snow in early November we were living in a barren land. With our fall colors gone and no pretty white stuff to make up for it New England seemed rather dreary.

We were some of the only people excited by the idea of the huge New England storm that passed through around Christmas time. While others were terrified of power outages and bad roads we gloried in the idea of finally getting some snow for our dogs to play in. Our hopes did come true although it was not the two feet that some claimed it would be. A nice safe six inches fell and no power outages occurred.

Since then I think I've learned why some locals hate the snow as it has all turned to ice. The days here are the perfect temperature to only partially melt the snow and then freeze it at night into a hardened layer. I'm used to this in Idaho but only a thin layer and it rarely gets warm enough to melt more than the top half inch. Right now our entire yard is about four inches thick of solid ice due to a freezing rain we had. Our dogs slip and slide when they go out and I've fallen down twice already. If this ice is the price we have to pay to have snow then I might be willing to give up on getting any more of the fluffy white stuff for this year.

How is the weather going in your area? Do you prefer your winters to have the classic snow cover or would a trip to Hawaii suit you just fine instead?


  1. I like snow less every year. North Dakota has had plenty this season. Thank goodness for my snow blower. I don't mind snow in limited quantities, but enough is enough.

    Ice is even worse, I feel for you guys. Slipping and sliding doesn't sound like much fun. I have to get to the library and check out sense and sensibility. Steve will probably have that thing done by the time he gets back.

  2. Yeah I think that some of the thrill of snow is gone once you're old enough that the words "snow day" have lost their importance. Also I don't have any winter activities that I love except drinking cocoa and reading.

    Happy to hear that I haven't scared you off with my book choices...yet. Excited to see what you think of it. Will it be your first time?

    My parents are in your area taking care of my grandpa while Steve is gone, have you gotten to stop by and say hi yet?

  3. Yes, it will be my first Jane Austen novel, and probably my fourth "romance" book in my life. I checked it out from the library today. Why did they have to put this big heart underneath the word "romance" on the spine? I hate to say it, but I was a little self-conscious trying to pull off the strong masculine type checking out a "chick" book.

    But I will try very hard to keep an open mind. I think it will be enjoyable to hear what me and Steve have to say about it.

    That's right, your parents are in my wonderful town now, aren't they? Steve and Belinda are probably sitting on Waikiki drinking something with a colorful umbrella sticking out of it.

    I'm ashamed to say I haven't dropped by. I'm a little shy coming over unannounced and uninvited. It would be nice to visit again, the last time they brought the banjo and mandoline and I had a hoot singing with them.

    Steve really needs to write a book about taking care of his dad. Every week he's got a new chapter about what grandpa has done lately. You have a wonderful family, my dear, and I'm honored to know them.