Sunday, January 16, 2011

Book Review-One Night in Scotland

Karen Hawkins
One Night In Scotland
A Historical Romance Novel

It seems popular right now to write a take on Beauty and the Beast, this was her version of the classic story. You can find out more about the novel here.

Normally I don't enjoy the intrigue and suspense kind of romance novels, they are really hard to pull off well without the answer being obvious or the spy games becoming silly. What helped this book was that it felt a bit more like a mystery novel with curious bits of too much information and not enough detail to piece it all together. I also loved that she did enough research into Egyptian history that the few facts she did include were correct. My two complaints is that I expected more information to come out about the fire and the Earl's wife, also Mary's maid was simply annoying. As it is a new series, not much of the primary mystery really gets solved. It appears that I will have to stay tuned for what comes next. Overall it was a quick and enjoyable read.


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